Hosting Rules Prolouge

AOR owns, therefore we are responsible for all content on our servers. So, there are rules to follow. If you are hosted, or intend to be, please make sure you understand all the rules.

The Rules

AOR is a clean site. All content is approved for all ages for the most part. Why is this relevant? The object is that all sites must follow this example. Excessive swearing and inappropriete content such as Hentai are not allowed.

If you are on hiatus, I would like to be informed. Your link will be listed on the "Hosting" Page and Status is a rather important part.

You need to link somewhere on all your pages. This does not mean you have a page and its only linked on this page people have to click to go to. Why does AOR care? Well, maybe someone else would like their site hosted. If they see AOR is offering free Subdomains, maybe they can get theirs hosted too.

As Your Host

As your host, AOR is going to provide quality hosting. Is our objective money? No. We care about giving people a chance to have opportunity to learn maybe about php etc. that is generally unavailable on free hosting sites such as freewebs. There is also NO ADs.

I will be checking all sites as often as possible to make sure everyone follows rules. I will offer assistance when asked. Any further questions, Please visit the FAQ page under "Hosting".