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Lots more content + updates + Hosting

Posted on 19 Jun 2009 by Dice

Hey everyone! You will be glad to know this update is a LOT larger then my previous ones.

Graphic Updates
First off 10 Transparent PNGs have been added. This Ranges from things I have drawn myself to Elemental Gerad Red and Canlatera. Also, a new set of Desktop Icons have been added. They are simple 32x32, but perfect for anyone into tech looking icons.

For basic updates:
Below the updates you will now see the Newest Table, Div Layouts, and 2 newest PNGs that have been uploaded. This updates EXACTLY with the pages. So If you notice something new, chances are I'm on an uploading spree :3

A new layout will be coming at you today or tomorrow. I just need to code it, the image is finished :3

If anyone has visited my Youtube page, You'll notice there is a new video on the Transformation Tool in Photoshop! So be sure to check it out if you like.

New pages to be added:
Plug page. This will allow anyone to add their site. Of course you will have to follow rules. All it is, is a page of sites. Want people to find your site? Just add it. I will check to make sure none of them are inappropriate so do NOT think they aren't checked! They all must be clean, as AOR is an ALL AGE site and open to everyone for any age.

I plan on adding a function where you can "watch" pages. Well what do I mean? Create an AOR account (when I have added this) Log in and click watch page. You will be notified whenever the page you are watching has new content added! There will also be an update watch, so you can watch just updates on every page in the site.

Eventually I will be opening a form site with my friend Amy from College. We hope to use it for practice. So whats the topic of it? Whatever you want! Its not just anime. The main idea is to just give you a place to talk about what you want to.

I hope to see you all very soon with a better and more improved AOR. New content will be added on Fridays as they always have been here on!

New Layout Added.
the PNGs I uploaded are now FIXED. I accidentally had them link to the previews and not the PNG themselves. You can no download them.

AOR now offers Subdomain hosting. Feel free to apply under "hosting".

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