The Site

Anime Oasis Renascence started out as Anime Oasis(jan 2004), then once remade became Anime Oasis Reborn(june 2007). Now that I have remade the site again it's time for a new name!(November 2008)

AOR is run, maintained, and updated by Dice (read below for more information). It started out as a guild named anime oasis. I noticed how all the other guilds had their own web sites, and seeing as I had gained an interest in HTML and graphic design I wanted to try it out for myself. Thus Anime Oasis Graphic site was born (october 2005).

I had the site hosted on pet pages (2003 - 2004) for a little while before migrating to freewebs(2004 - 2007). From there I got a subdomain from a friend :3 but, I didn't want to keep using up his space for how much content was being added to the site! Now, I have managed to get a domain for my site, and hope that everyone will like it even more then before!

Site Name

I started Anime Oasis guild, thus the site took on the same name.

Anime: was anime graphic site (and guild).
Oasis: a calm and beautiful place.

Reborn: rebirth, remake
Renascence: reborn, reincarnate, remake.

The Webmistress - Dice

Age: 18
MSN/ICQ/Yahoo/Myspace/Facebook: Contact me :3

Major: Web Design // First Semester - Fall 2008, Second Semester - Spring 2009 (Current)
Related Classes Taken: Web Publishing (College + Web I in Highschool), Java, Computer Art (209 + 210) (College + I & II in highschool), 2D Design, Programming and Problem Solving (Visual Basic), CIS215 Scripting
Skills: XHTML/HTML, CSS, lil' php/mysql, (very) lil' Unix
Programs used for site: Adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator, notepad, fireFTP
Other: BoK // My DeviantART // My Youtube // My Twitter

I got into HTML through Neopets. I wanted to learn to make my own layouts and have my own site. So at about 13 (2003) I began to teach myself HTML and CSS. My dad got me photoshop 7.0 and I learned how to use that. I started out beyond horrible, and have eventually improved to this point :3

I love helping people - so if you send me a message (through contact page) I will help you as much as I can with anything. You may Contact me also through DeviantART, Youtube, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, Myspace (and cell - if you have it). I maybe slow with requests - especially if it's neopets. Anyone ever notice how much they change the code rules? As soon as you get it they mess you up again lol! Sorry for the chat speak, but anyways.

You can contact me even if you just want someone to talk to :3 That is how I have made one of my best friends! So feel free to message me even just to talk :3